A secure Internet bidding and proposal service for public agencies that manage construction and general procurement solicitations.

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Learn how the Bid Express® service can help your agency:

  • This is a simple, user friendly way to produce real savings for your agency. Let our team provide a personal, 20-minute educational webinar where you can learn more. Schedule webinar.
  • Internet bidding vs. paper bidding: what are the benefits? Learn more about the Internet bidding process and how it solves many of the problems related to the inefficiencies and flaws inherent in advertising and accepting paper based bids and proposals. Request white paper.
  • Online bond verification is a game-changer. The use of online verification codes for bid bonds in public bidding has resulted in numerous benefits for all parties involved, including public agencies, bidders and surety agents. Is submitting a paper bid bond becoming an antiquated practice? Request white paper.
  • Custom item list

    Develop or import your agency's custom item list for all of your purchasing staff to use in developing solicitations.

  • Minimize avoidable errors and omissions

    The service does all computations for bidders, and validates requirements and forms to overtly alert them to errors and omissions. This helps vendors save time, money, and potential disqualification.

  • Solicitation templates

    Create and save an online repository of templates for your staff to use on demand to streamline bid and proposal management and reduce the risk of protests.

  • Online Bond Verification

    Eliminate bid bond paperwork and authenticity concerns with online bond verification via S2000, Inc. and InSure Vision Technologies, LLC.

  • Bidder notifications

    Automatically communicate updates and addenda to your vendor community with the notification feature available to subscribers.

  • Experience and Trust

    Leverage the company with 15+ years of experience in Internet bidding. We serve 80+ agencies and thousands of bidders.